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Hello, I am Ryan!

I am a Canadian developer, designer, and technician. Here is where I post projects, tutorials, and obscure help tidbits to problems I have discovered along the way. My goal is to provide information I learn to save time for others. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me at @hackmods or check out my contact page.

Graduate of Niagara College New Media Web Design 2014

Graduate of Niagara College Computer Programming Analyst 2016

Graduate of Niagara College Computer Systems Technician 2016

The Skills

Almost a decade has past since I completed my first hello world Turing program. Currently I develop software in Java and C# utilizing ASP.net. As a web developer I love making web applications using PHP and JavaScript. In the past I have developed several #1 ranking apps for iOS back during version 3.X resulting in a few million downloads. Now I mostly write scripts to increase productivity or to automate a network / administrative task.

The Support

Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of being an ITS student support staff. I have over three years of help desk experience followed by two years as a hardware technician. Post graduation I had a stunt as a network architect. My favourite side computer passion is my home lab.