Use AutoXOA to Autopilot Xen Orchestra

AutoXOA Advert - credits : Brad Gillap

Today I wanted to discuss a open source script I am working on called AutoXAO. AutoXOA stands for Automate Xen Orchestra Appliance, a project the goals including compiling and upgrading Xen orchestra from source. Xen Orchestra is a web appliance used to manage clusters of XenServer instances from any web browser. It also has the same feature set as the original XenServer management software XenCenter and then some. For more information on Xen Orchestra check out this blog post.

AutoXOA Install Menu

AutoXOA Install Menu

To use AutoXOA all one needs to do is install curl on a Debian variant of linux, then execute the following line of code: curl -L | bash . Click here to learn more about AutoXOA.


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