A look back at Niagara Colleges Pitch Perfect Startup Event

It has been a while since Niagara College’s Innovation Centre hosted their Pitch Perfect 2017 event, and I have some reflections I would like to share.

SourcedHealth presenting at 2016 Pitch Perfect

SourcedHealth presenting at 2016 Pitch Perfect

First off, my team pitched SourcedHealth. SourcedHealth is a social media tool that uses machine learning with geolocation, to correlate data to test against. The platform searches for keywords used in a specified geolocation, producing a heat-map of results. The platform was solid, but difficult to pitch in a 7 minute timeframe.

Our team was definitely a contender, but a few things came between us and first place. To start, our product was out of scope. We created a product that was intended for million dollar enterprises. I remember when the judges asked “How much is your monthly fee”, and Chris responded “Ten thousand dollars a month.”. A product using twitters private firehose would require such prices, just for the access to said data. A smarter approach would have been to spin the product to local companies for an advanced product / marketing tool.

The other key issue was our early development phase. When entering Pitch Perfect, we where under the idea that the judged where looking for new products at the start of development. In fact, they where looking for a more small business that was ready to launch in the next several months. The winning group went on to launch their finalized product line a month later.

In the end, we at SourcedHealth had a blast with such an opportunity. We learnt its hard to pitch a Software As A Service platform in the making, but I would do it over again. The team meetings, brainstorm sessions, and energy will be truly missed. I will always remember my SourcedHealth team I met in Niagara Research.


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