iPod Swipe Control

A swift iOS application that utilizes gestures to control various components of the iOS’s Music application.

Swipe Control Screenshot

Swipe Control Screenshot

Enjoy a swipe friendly iPod controller! For music to play the music app must be open in the background. Traditional functionality can be accessed via Settings including ability to disable certain swipes and the ability to set custom launch messages.

Swipe Gestures:

Tap – Play/pause
Left – Next song
Right – previous song
Up – Shuffle mode
Down – Repeat mode

Long hold: Reset
2 fingers Right: Skip 30 seconds
3 fingers Right: Skip 60 seconds
4 fingers Right: Skip 300 seconds
2 fingers Left: Reverse 30 seconds
3 fingers Left: Reverse 60 seconds
4 fingers Left: Reverse 300 seconds

Skills – Swift, iOS, App Store, XCode
iTunes – App pending approval in App Store.
GitHub – Grab the source code.