Why you should be using Xen Orchestra

Xen Orchestra Screenshot.

Today I am here to sell you on XenServer, in particular Xen Orchestra. Cloud Services are all the rage right now, and this includes Citrix’s Hypervisor solution XenServer, which is based off the open source hypervisor project Xen. Xen Orchestra is a web based Virtualization manager running on top of Node.JS and is 100% open source. It replicates the features on XenCenter, with the scalability of running thousands of VM’s, on several hundred hypervisors in a dozen or more pools of servers.

Xen Orchesta runs as a web service, meaning wherever you have web browser, you should have access to Xen Orchestra and all of your appliances (Pending external NAT routing configuration). Running VirtualBox on an extra machine? Give Xen Orchestra + XenServer a try. The type 1 hypervisor will give you the performance you need + the flexibility of web browser management.

Xen Orchestra Screen Shot

Xen Orchestra Screen Shot

Try Xen Orchestra today by Downloading a preconfigured VM. Or if you are feeling Dangerous, try compiling from source to gain access to the pro features for free. Or if you want, try AutoXOA: autopilot setup Xen Orchestra from source.